Where innovation meets sustainability

We are innovating the engineering landscape with a profound dedication to environmental responsibility and social impact.

MG’s core area is energy – mainly solar energy with about 30% of the total activity, but we have a rapid growing team of talented engineers and project officers in the areas of Energy, Technology, Education, and Lifesciences (including agriculture and geophysics). Our core strength lies in developing proposal concepts and writing grant applications, as well as developing solutions and managing projects. We  regularly submit proposals for funding in conjunction with a wide network of industrial and academic partners of complementary expertise from Europe and beyond.


MG excels at creating an environment where everyone feels valued and included, regardless of background.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions, recognizing the impact they have on our community and the world around us.


From top leadership down to every team member, mutual respect guides our actions, creating a collaborative and inclusive environment.


Through collaboration, we harness the diverse talents and ideas of our team members to achieve shared goals.



João Gomes

PhD in Solar CPVT


Georgiana Maries

PhD in Solid Earth Physics

Co-Founder, CEO

Ivan Acosta Pazmiño

PhD in Energy Engineering

Head of Engineering

Rosa Fairouz Ghisani

PhD in Materials Technology

Project Officer

Sahand Hosouli

PhD in Industrial Engineering

Senior Researcher

Maryam Shalaby

Electrical Engineering

Project Manager

Gintare Vilke

Thermal Engineering

D&C Officer

Khalid BM

Business Management

PR and Communication

M. Waqas Khan

Business Administration

Junior Project Officer

Abel Climente Garcia

Mechanical Engineering

Junior Researcher

Juan José Keegan

Industrial Engineering

Project Officer

Magor Demeter

Entrepreneurial Engineering

Project Officer

Roba Hunaif

Architectural Engineering

Project Officer

Damu Murali

Energy Engineering


Juan Pablo Santana

Energy Engineering


Giuseppe Virga

Business Management

Business Developer

Clement Boateng

Agricultural Science

Project Officer

Alexander Loris

Energy Engineer

Project Manager

Louise Lou


Project Officer

Gunnar Lennermo

Solar Thermal Engineering

Senior Adviser

Sathish Kumar

Solar Engineering

Energy consultant

Olle Olsson


Business Consultant 

Luis Guerreiro

PhD in Mechatronics


Corporate Social Responsibility


Policy brief and purpose

The primary purpose of CSR activities of MG is to advance the cause of environmental sustainability, which is inherently linked to the company’s core business of renewable energy. Hence, the CSR activities of MG has designed to align with the company’s core mission of promoting sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to a cleaner environment.


To minimize the environmental impact of the company’s operations and promote sustainable practices within the industry and the community.


Implement green office practices, reduce waste, promote recycling, and use eco-friendly materials

A team shaping a sustainable tomorrow, today.