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DeltaSol® A/AX/AX HE Solar controller

The DeltaSol® A, DeltaSol® AX and DeltaSol® AX HE controllers are the simplest solution for all differential controls. The version DeltaSol® A is equipped with an adjustable temperature difference and an antifreeze function. The version DeltaSol® AX presents an extended version which is additionally equipped with an adjustable target temperature for minimum or maximum temperature limitation. Equipped with an electromechanical relay and a PWM output, the DeltaSol® AX HE controller manages the speed control of a high-efficiency pump. The enclosed silicone sealing cord guarantees a protection against dripping water.

DeltaSol® CS Solar controller

The DeltaSol® CS/2 and CS/4 controllers are used for speed control of a HE pump in small standard solar thermal and heating systems. They are equipped with a PWM output as well as with an input for a VFD Grundfos Direct Sensor™ which enables precise heat quantity measurement. The commissioning menu ensures an easy and quick configuration.


The DeltaSol® CS Plus has been especially developed for the speed control of high-efficiency pumps in standard solar and heating systems. It is equipped with two PWM outputs and an additional input for a VFD Grundfos Direct Sensor™ that enables a precise heat quantity measurement. The commissioning menu will lead you through the most important adjustments for the initial configuration in only eight steps.

DeltaSol® AL E HE Solar controller

The DeltaSol® AL E HE controller is especially designed for standard solar systems with a high-efficiency pump and an electric backup heating. It is equipped with a PWM output and two high-current relays to which an electric immersion heater of up to 3 kW (230 V~) can be connected. The heater can be directly connected to the controller without the need of auxiliary relays. For data communication, the controller has a RESOL VBus®.


Availability expected as of quarter 3/2024
The DeltaSol® MX Plus combines the functional range of the DeltaSol® MX with an integrated Web server. Configuration, function control and access to can be carried out easily and conveniently on any mobile device via a Web interface. Interfaces such as LAN and Modbus RTU (optional) as well as WLAN functionality and a WLAN access point offer many connectivity options.


With its versatile software, the DeltaSol® SL can control even complex systems easily and reliably. 27 pre-configured system layouts with up to 3 hydraulic variants each facilitate the commissioning and enable the adaptation to the individual system requirements. The operation via 2 main buttons and 1 adjustment dial, the Lightwheel®, still follows the well-known operating concept. The multicoloured LED, integrated in the Lightwheel®, offers many possibilites to signal different system states. The microSD card slot and the 2 microbuttons for quick access to the manual mode and the holiday function are located underneath the slidable housing cover, the SLider.


The DeltaSol® SLT effortlessly controls even complex systems and enables adaptation to the individual system requirements. Numerous pre-programmed optional functions such as thermal disinfection or zone loading can be combined and parameterised. It is also possible to directly choose from 27 pre-programmed basic systems. The operation via 2 main buttons and 1 adjustment dial, the Lightwheel®, follows the well-known operating concept. The manual mode and the holiday function can be activated by pressing a single button


The DeltaSol® SLL is the smallest controller of the SL series. Its equipment is optimised for small and medium-sized solar thermal and heating systems, 10 pre-configured basic systems are available. The DeltaSol® SLL is also the first controller of its category to offer the automatic function control according to the VDI 2169 directive. Additionally, it is equipped with a potential-free extra-low voltage relay for backup heating demand and a V40 flowmeter input for heat quantity measurement.


The RESOL controllers for standard solar thermal systems. The DeltaSol® BS series provides a clear operating concept. The intuitive commissioning menu leads you through the initial configuration in only a few steps. The system selected is shown on the display, the status of the individual components is indicated by means of flashing codes. The DeltaSol® BS series is available in 3 versions, depending on the demands. Details concerning the number of the relays as well as additional functions are shown in the technical data.


The DeltaSol® BX is equipped with 26 pre-programmed basic systems for a broad range of 1- and 2-store systems. Pre-defined functions facilitate system parameterisation. With the integrated SD card slot, system data can easily be logged and transferred to a computer.


The DeltaSol® BX Plus is a system controller for multi-store solar and heating systems. The intuitive commissioning menu leads you through the system configuration by requiring the most important adjustments directly after connecting the controller. For an optimum overview, all sensor and relay allocations are listed in the service menu.


The DeltaSol® MX is the most versatile system controller for complex solar and heating systems in our product range. It is ideal to control a combination of solar and non-solar parts of the system. Easy combination and parameterisation of pre-programmed functions for several millions of hydraulic variants.

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