MG Sustainable is built upon a diverse team of 18 experts, of which 7 have PhDs in various renewable energy-related fields, and works with over 15 other collaborators worldwide.

Dr. João Gomes, Co-Founder and Solar Expert

PhD in Concentrating PVT Solar Collectors

Dr. Luis Guerreiro, CSP, Solar Thermal & Storage Expert

PhD in Mechatronics and Solar

Fairouz Ghisani

PhD in Chemical and Materials Technology

Gunnar Lennermo

Over 40 years of experience and 650 solar thermal installations

Maryam Akram

Electrical Engineer

Olle Olsson

Physics Engineering and Business Expert

Alexander Loris

Mechanical Engineer

Demeter Magor

Physics and Entrepreneurship

Tony Björklund

Product Development Specialist

Khalid BM


Juan Jose Keegan

Industrial Engineer

Gintare Vilke

Energy and Thermal Engineer


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