MG, The PVT technology provider for the RES4LIVE project



Abstract: The ambition of RES4LIVE project is to develop solutions and pathways for fossil energy free farming. Due to this project farmer will be able to do the fossil fuel free farming in the future. Did you know? Intensive livestock is one of the most energy consuming sub-sectors of agriculture, that is mainly based on fossil… Continue readingMG, The PVT technology provider for the RES4LIVE project


Abstract: This paper presents an experimental investigation of a photovoltaic-thermal solar collector (commonly known as PVT) that generates both electricity and heat from the same gross area. PVT solar collectors, in theory, achieve higher combined electrical and heat yields. Additionally, PVT enables a thermal coupling between PV cells and a heat transfer cooling medium. Electrical… Continue readingExperimental investigation of a CPVT collector coupled with a wedge PVT receiver


Abstract: Concentrating Photovoltaic Thermal (C-PVT) solar collectors produce both thermal and electric power from the same area while concentrating sunlight. This paper studies a C-PVT design where strings of series-connected solar cells are encapsulated with silicone in an aluminium receiver, inside of which the heat transfer fluid flows, and presents an evaluation on structural integrity… Continue readingAssessment of the Impact of Stagnation Temperatures in Receiver Prototypes of C-PVT Collectors

Renewable Transformation Challenge




Abstract: MG sustainable engineering in top 10 ! For the Renewable Transformation Challenge, MG sustainable engineering awarded by the international solar energy society and Elsevier. The company project was recognized as one of the top 10 entries. . Continue readingRenewable Transformation Challenge

Abstract: The Renovation  Wave  aims  to  accelerate  improvements in the  energy  performance  of  35  million buildings across Europe by 2030. Much emphasis is on advancing technology integration by  … Continue readingRES4BUILD project advances development of integrated renewable energy based solutions tailored to end userneeds and requirements

Sustainability Barometer – Photovoltaics: Technical Notes & References



Reference: Technical notes and References [1] Yingli Solar, “YLM 120 cell”, n.d. [Online]. Available: … Continue readingSustainability Barometer – Photovoltaics: Technical Notes & References

Sustainability Barometer – Solar Thermal: Technical Notes & References




Technical notes and References [1]        Absolicon, “T160 Solar collector – Absolicon,” 2020. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 22-Oct-2020]. [2]        E. Lüpfert et al., “INAB ENS A… Read More »

Smart Control for Buildings powered by on-site Renewable Energy




By Gowri Suryanarayana (VITO-Energyville) and Eva Greene (Intrigo) Maintaining indoor comfort in buildings accounts for more than 30% of total energy use worldwide[1]. Hence, smart… Read More »

Press release: July 2020 The EU-funded RES4BUILD project is developing integrated renewable energy-based solutions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of users and… Read More »