Innovation, Technology, Sustainability.

What we do

Proposal Development

Proposal development for grants and funding

We have strong expertise in crafting compelling and persuasive proposals tailored to the specific requirements of national and international funding bodies. We carefully develop the proposal from concept note to submission.

Project Management

International project implementation

We specialize in project management and coordination at both national and international level. We form partnerships, build consortia and lead projects in our fields of expertise, from renewable energy to technology, education or life sciences.

Consulting Services

Engineering, Events, Networking

We offer expert guidance and support across various industries. We develop engineering solutions tailored to your requirements, focused on research, development and sustainability. We also offer event coordination, dissemination and communications activities.




Our main area of activity, centered on solar thermal, PV and PVT. We carry out product development, including solar collector design and testing, optimization of energy systems, and bringing energy-efficient and innovative renewable solutions.


We engage in research and development activities from modeling and simulation of solar collector designs to optimization of production processes, interlinked with the IT, photonics, VR and AI sector, social impact studies and Life Cycle Assessments.

Life Sciences

We are engaged in research and development projects within the life science sector, developing innovative proposals and solutions for biotech, applied geoscience and agriculture. A focus on natural resource management, environmental sustainability and sustainable development.


We are dedicated to advancing learning and education as a vital component of our projects. Through innovative solutions and a passion for knowledge, we offer internal and external training on a wide range of topics such as VR, renewable energy, environmental assessments, and green transition. 

Why Us

How we do it

Results-Oriented Solutions​

Innovative strategies

Innovation is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. We are committed to continuously improving our processes, products, and services. We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation. 

Empowering change

Sustainable initiatives

We are strongly dedicated to working towards a sustainable future. We periodically evaluate and improve our processes as part of a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to drive ongoing sustainability progress.

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Elevating performance

Focused expertise

We have a dedicated and talented team with different and complementary skills and backgrounds, incorporating unique expertise to each of our projects. We are committed to help each team member grow while adding value for our customers and partners.

About Us

Who we are

We are a dynamic startup passionate about developing innovative and sustainable solutions, starting from project concept development and consortium building to project implementation and coordination, including R&D and engineering solutions.

We are deeply committed to preserving the environment and fostering a sustainable tomorrow.

We integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations in our activities.

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