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MG Academy is our platform for fostering collaboration, innovation, and new perspectives within the sustainable engineering community and beyond.

We invite you to our valued internship programme, designed to cultivate the next generation of engineering talent. We provide valuable experience and enhancing career readiness through a blend of practical work, mentorship, and professional development.

  • Practical experience and meaningful projects
  • Mentorship and support from industry experts
  • Skill Development – both technical and soft skills
  • Networking opportunities and professional development

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Elevating Careers, Cultivating Collaboration

We welcome you to join MG Academy and be part of our events. Get in touch! Collaborating for a more sustainable tomorrow, today.


MG Sustainable takes pride in organizing impactful events, including the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week program, a 5 days event where young talents together with professionals and thought leaders converge to explore cutting-edge ideas and solutions.


MG Academy serves as a platform for aspiring individuals to gain hands-on experience, develop skills, and contribute to meaningful projects within the field of sustainable engineering, business development and grant application.


We provide a unique platform for individuals to engage with various projects and innovative initiatives at MG. This collaborative environment not only fosters professional growth but also encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.


Hear directly from the talented individuals who have contributed their skills and enthusiasm to our team. Explore the diverse perspectives and stories that reflect the vibrant spirit of our internship program.

Auriane Noblanc

I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about energy in a global way. I participated in several events such as the solar innovation week which was very enriching both technically and socially. The team and the working atmosphere are excellent and you have a lot of freedom in the way you work.

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École Polytechnique Féminine, EPF


Daniel Díaz Ruiz

MG is a great company with plenty of opportunities to learn, where you can enjoy time with different people in a multicultural environment. The perfect place to grow as a professional, develop your skills, and share your knowledge, working towards a better world.

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Universidad de Cantabria


Carlos Gaspar

The commitment to innovation and sustainability here is inspiring. I’ve learned so much from the talented professionals. The experience I gained, particularly in PV, PVT technologies, and a lot of personal growth skills, was invaluable. I leave with a renewed passion for sustainable energy and a deep appreciation for the meaningful work being done at MG.

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University of Coimbra