Unite skills to optimize and control heat supply temperature for process needs



Optimization of heat transfer coefficients; coupling and reliability of different solar technologies; high-temperature heat pumps; combined heat storage with guarantees of continuous operation as well as plug-&-play integration; thermal chillers for cooling demand; smart control to ease operation. The systems will be able to supply together heat at temperature up to 300°C and negative cold at temperature down to -40°C.


It involves 10 Partners from 8 countries


Start date: 1st May, 2020
End date: 31st May, 2024
Budget of 5M €

MG Contribution

Participating in this high-technology EU project allows MG to radically improve its knowledge on smart energy control techniques and methods in the context of farming applications as well as gain the livestock farming insight required to invest with confidence and precision in the expansion to this market. MG will re-design their collector and installation system to match industry requirements. Additionally, by participating in this consortium MG will receive feedback from cooperative parties. This will increase credibility and allow access to valuable state-of-the-art scientific know-how and market intelligence to further aid in MG’s goal of increasing PVT market penetration.

Progress and Impact

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