Elevating Projects to Excellence

We are revolutionizing the engineering landscape with a profound dedication to environmental responsibility and social impact.

We are partnering with several institutions across Europe in international projects within the Horizon Europe framework. By joining forces with universities, research centers, and industry leaders across Europe, we aim to leverage diverse expertise and resources for enhancing collaborative research, education, innovation & development.

Explore our ongoing projects and see an overview of the successfully completed ones.






Development of the machinery for producing softer cell interconnecting ribbons to minimize PV cell breakage. The SolarSoft project has produced a softer PV ribbon which means that lower temperatures can be used in this soldering process which results in reduced stress on the silicon. wafer.

               Budget : 1.3M
                   Partners : 6



This project aims to build a compelling and competitive proposal and submit it to a chosen Horizon Europe call while primarily focusing on advancing the efforts for the sustainable development of the e-mobility charging infrastructure on Swedish, EU, and global levels.

Budget : SEK 520K
Partners : 2 
Country: Sweden



In the heart of the RES4BUILD solution lies an innovative multi-source heat pump with a cascading configuration, including a magnetocaloric (bottom cycle) and a vapour compression (top cycle) heat pump. This innovative heat pump will be combined with other technologies.

Budget : € 4.99 M
Partners : 15
Countries : 8




The project aims to increase knowledge and awareness in general about solar energy applications and in particular on photovoltaic thermal technology applied to more sustainable buildings through the development of innovative educational approaches.

Budget : € 230K
Partners : 8
Countries : 5


Modular Solar Lab


Funded by the Swedish Development Agency, this project established  a solar laboratory capable of evaluating solar thermal, PV and PVT collectors for research, industry and education purposes. This solar laboratory was built in Mozambique and followed up with solar courses both in Mozambique and a partner university in Zambia.

               Budget : € 1M
                 Partners : 8
                Countries : 5

Solar CPC


Development of a production line for a unique CPVT & optimization of the CPVT design for mass production at a low cost. Additional goals were certification on conformity, durability checks to ensure profitability, reflector design, extensive collector design and design of a concentrating Thermal collector making use of the same collector box and the same collector box production line.

Budget : € 2.7M
Partners : 7