MG Develops Systems for Optimal Solar Energy Harvesting:

  • Solar energy installation
  • Solar concentrating collector design and construction
  • Solar irradiance modelling
  • Solar data analysis
  • Solar system optimisation

Over the past 6 years, MG staff have been developing innovative energy solutions in PVT, CPV, and CPVT collector research. Such solutions are designed to have a worldwide impact.We have extensive experience in project management at local, national and European levels. MG is engaged in bringing energy efficient and non-polluting solutions to all countries. MG has already participated in projects developed in several European countries as well as in Mozambique, South Africa, Chile and India. MG is integrating the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in its internal and external functioning.

Our skilled team of engineers has an extensive project management experience having elaborated, participated and managed projects that total over € 25 million from different financing sources. Moreover, MG has focused on Product Research & Development including solar collector testing, products and components re-design, optimization of energy consumption devices, and energy systems. MG’s team has a wide experience in coordination of European projects in the area of renewable energy. MG monitors its customer experience in order to consistently provide the best possible solution and participates in international conferences and other solar events enforcing its presence in the solar market by consolidating connections. MG also provides solar energy courses and training as well as webinars to Universities and other customers both in Sweden and abroad.


Georgiana MARIES

Co-Founder & CEO

Georgiana Maries holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a PhD degree in Solid Earth Physics with a focus in Geophysics. Her areas of interest include applied geophysics for engineering and environmental applications as well as in hard rock environments. She has several years of engineering and research experience in geophysics and civil engineering.



Joao holds a PhD in Concentrating Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Collectors. He has over a decade experience in the field of Sustainable Energy. He has managed several large EU projects of over 20M EUR in total budget. His areas of interest are project management, solar technologies and R&D.


Product Development Specialist

Tony is a Mechanical Engineer. He has more than two decades long experience in the field of solar product development and collector design.


Research Director

Luis Guerreiro holds an Engineering degree and a PhD degree in Mechatronics/Solar. He has extensive experience in CSP, Thermal Storage, and R&D.

Mohamad SADEK

Solar Engineer

Mohamad Sadek holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering. His areas of interest are R&D, CAD design, thermal simulations, optical simulations, CSP & tidal energy.


Solar Engineer

George Pius holds a Master’s degree in Solar Energy Engineering. He is an experienced mechanical engineer. His area of interest is solar system integration, namely solar thermal.


PhD in Solar Engineering

Diogo Cabral holds a Master’s degree in Energy and Environment Engineering. His expertise lies in Raytracing Simulations, Solar Collector Testing and Scientific Writing.


Mechanical Engineer
Systems Administrator

Avip Bastakoti holds a Bachelor’s; degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Renewables(specialization:Solar) Energy Engineering. His areas of interest are solar projects and clean energy engineering.


Senior Project Manager

Gunnar Lennermo holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. He has over three decades long experience in solar thermal system designing.


Electrical Engineer & Project Manager

Manali Kulkarni holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems. Her areas of interest are simulations, R&D in solar energy & electrical systems.


Senior Solar Thermal Engineer
Certified Solar Thermal Instructor

Khalid Othman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Power Mechanical Engineering. His area of interest is Solar Thermal Design & Installation.

Alexander LORIS

Project Manager

Alex Loris holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Sustainable Energy Systems. He has over a decade long experience in the field of sustainable energy

Juan Jose KEEGAN

Sales Engineer

Juan Jose Keegan is an Industrial Engineer. His areas of interest are sales, solar thermal and circular economy.


Senior Project Manager

Olle holds a Master’s degree in Physics. He has over a decade experience in solar energy engineering and corporate management.


Senior Solar Engineer & Researcher 

Sahand’s expertise lies in solar thermal system design, scientific writing, concentrated solar power, parabolic trough and photovoltaic thermal collector design and testing.


“It has been an exceptional learning experience, expanding my renewable energy knowledge, broadening my network, and giving me an entrepreneurial skillset that can aid me throughout my career.”

Magor Demeter, the New Entrepreneur, is a young engineer and aspiring entrepreneur, who came in contact with the EYE program through his academic institution, Aalborg University. He was looking for a transition into the renewable energy sector, which was his major in his bachelor’s degree, and his passion. After the first meeting with João, and a brief introduction of MG Sustainable Engineering, he was instantly hooked, while the connection from that point got closer and closer.