MG Sustainable has been developing innovative energy solutions in Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT), Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), and Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal (CPVT) solar collectors research. We have extensive experience in project management at local, national and European levels. MG is also engaged in bringing energy-efficient and non-polluting solutions for developing countries. MG participated in projects developed in several European countries as well as in Mozambique, South Africa, Chile and India.

MG is integrating the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in its internal and external functioning. Our skilled team of engineers has extensive project management experience having participated and managed projects that total over € 25 million from different financing sources.

Moreover, MG is focused on Product Research and Development, including solar collector testing, products and components re-design, optimization of energy consumption devices, and energy systems. MG’s team has wide experience in the coordination of European projects in the area of renewable energy. MG monitors its customer experience in order to consistently provide the best possible solution and participates in international conferences and other solar events, enforcing its presence in the solar market.

MG also provides solar energy courses and training as well as webinars to universities and other customers both in Sweden and abroad.


Enabling the Clean Energy Transition, by offering state of the art innovation concepts, project coordination, and uniting the actors of the solar energy sector.


Project Management & Coordination

Solar System Design

Innovation, Research & Development

Simulation and Modelling

Production Process & Collector Design

Grant Applications

Networking, Partnerships & Consortium Building

Scientific Research & Publications