Impact for a Sustainable Future

We integrate cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to deliver engineering solutions that not only meet the highest standards of quality but also contribute to a greener and more equitable future. We bring value through education, research and development.


We are driven by a passion for positive change, and we take pride in aligning our operations with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Explore the intersection of engineering excellence and environmental consciousness with MG Sustainable Engineering AB – shaping a sustainable tomorrow, today.

Proposal Development

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Proposal from concept note to submission

We specialize in securing funding through various channels such as the Horizon Europe (aimed at supporting research and development), or other national/ European financial mechanisms. We identify the need, define the objectives, goals and the budget. We craft the proposal, and submit to the relevant funding agencies.

Networking, partnerships and consortium Building

We have a wide network of national, European, and global partners with different profiles and expertise in all our fields of activity. We connect with all the relevant partners needed to develop strong project proposal. We build a strong consortium to guarantee a successful project proposal development and smooth project implementation.

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Project Management

Project Management and Coordination

We engage in project management across various scales, spanning local, national, and European levels. With a keen understanding of EU policies, funding mechanisms, and cross-cultural dynamics, we adeptly manage projects that foster cohesion, innovation, and sustainable development across the continent. 

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Dissemination and Communication

We understand that D&C activities are crucial aspects of any project or proposal, needed for a holistic project implementation. Reaching the right stakeholders and target audiences will foster meaningful communication and outreach for a maximum project impact. 

  • Website design and development 
  • Creative design services 
  • Digital media / Social media channel management 
  • Promotional /Marketing services
  • Event organization and management

Consulting Services

Engineering Services

We have a constantly growing team of talented and committed engineers and experts. We combine engineering knowledge with solar energy solutions to provide innovative, efficient, and customized renewable energy solution.

  • Custom solar system design for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Site inspections, design and reporting review.
  • Turnkey installation services for solar PV, ST, and PVT systems.
  • System commissioning and performance testing.
  • Training for end-users on system operation and maintenance.
  • Thermal management for solar collectors.
  • Mechanical design optimization according to clients’ needs.
  • Industrial automation and smart control systems
  • Innovation in solar technology.
  • Collaboration with research institutions and universities on renewable energy projects.
  • Prototyping and testing of new solar energy products
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Proposal Development and Implementation

We specialize in providing comprehensive proposal development and implementation services tailored to meet the unique needs of your project. With a dedicated team of experts versed in a variety of industries, we ensure that every aspect of the proposal process, from initial conception to final submission, is meticulously crafted to maximize success. We are a successful grant/fund receiver to develop and implement projects across Europe. Our services are:

  • Concept definition
  • Locate the most suitable calls for your project
  • Consortium Building
  • Draft the proposal (technical, financial, and administrative sections)
  • Complete project proposal submission, including follow-up
  • Project implementation, coordination and management

3D Printing Engineering and Design

Our engineers have expertise on 3D Printing Engineering Design Optimization and Manufacturing Services, helping you tailor the outcome to your specific needs.

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Event Organization and Coordination

We organize and coordinate activities and events, workshops and webinars on specific topics of interest.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week connects companies and young talents through an intensive 5-day course, offering the following:

  • Key lectures on topics related to sustainability, renewables, circular economy from our experts
  • Development of transversal skills through individual pitch, groupwork and presentations
  • Technical visits to local companies and facilities for interactive learning

Products and solutions

MG connects you with the best solutions for the products and services you need for your projects. Our extensive outsourcing solutions ensure you get access to industry-leading resources tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s the latest technology or specialized services, MG connects you with the best to help you achieve excellence in every project.

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