A project to decarbonize the livestock farms



RES4LIVE is an H2020-funded project whose strategic objective is to develop and bring into the market integrated, cost-effective and case-sensitive RES solutions towards achieving fossil-free livestock farming.


17 partners from 8 countries:
- 4 Universities
- 4 Research Organizations
- 6 SMEs
- 1 Farm
- 2 International Associations

Budget and duration

Start Date: 01 October 2020
End Date: 30 September 2024
Budget: 4.998.455,00 €

MG Contribution

Participating in this high-technology EU project allows MG to radically improve its knowledge on smart energy control techniques and methods in the context of farming applications as well as gain the livestock farming insight required to invest with confidence and precision in the expansion to this market. MG will re-design their collector and installation system to match industry requirements. Additionally, by participating in this consortium MG will receive feedback from cooperative parties. This will increase credibility and allow access to valuable state-of-the-art scientific know-how and market intelligence to further aid in MG’s goal of increasing PVT market penetration.

Progress and Impact

Coming soon

Golinelli Swine Farm (Mirandola, Italy)

  • Total peak thermal Power : 24kW_th (24 collectors x 1 kW/ collector)
  • Peak electric Power: 7,68 kWp (24 collectors x 1,9 m2/ collector)
  • Aperture Area: 45,6m2 
  • PVT Technology used: Uninsulated Samster PVT 

LVAT Cattle Farm (Potsdam, Germany)

  • Total peak thermal Power : 37.44kW_th (24 collectors x 1,56 kW/ collector)
  • Peak electric Power: 6.24 kWp (24 collectors x 1,9 m2/ o,26kW /collector)
  • Aperture Area: 55,44m2 
  • PVT Technology used: Uninsulated Samster PVT 

ILVO Swine Farm (Mirandola, Italy)

  • Total peak thermal Power : 32,88kW_th (24 collectors x 1,37 kW/ collector)
  • Peak electric Power: 8,40 kWp (24 collectors x 1,88 m2/ o,35kW /collector)
  • Aperture Area: 45,12m2 
  • PVT Technology used: Uninsulated Samster PVT