Project Management and Coordination

Including EU projects

MG Sustainable team has extensive experience in project management at local, national and European levels.

As project coordinator, we take responsibility for the following:

  • Administrative management
  • Consortium building and coordination
  • Financial management
  • Risk management
  • Project monitoring and quality assurance
  • Data and IPR management

Solar System Design

MG combines engineering knowledge with solar energy solutions to provide innovative, efficient, and customized solar system designs. We understand that different applications and industries require different configurations of the solar energy systems. Therefore, we aim to help you develop the ideal system to fit your energy needs with the maximum benefits.

Innovation, Research & Development

MG is committed to promote and expedite the Clean Energy Transition. Our team constantly works on bringing energy-efficient and innovative renewable energy solutions and is experienced in Product R&D and business model innovation, focusing specifically on solar energy technologies and their integration into the market.

We connect companies and talents through an intensive 5-day course, offering the following:
  • Key lectures on topics related to sustainability, renewables, circular economy from our experts
  • Development of transversal skills through individual pitch, groupwork and presentations
  • Technical visits to local companies and facilities for interactive learning
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Simulation and Modeling

ANSYS, COMSOL, Trnsys, Tonatiuh

Our team is skilled in system modeling and simulation to ease and support the decision-making process and scenario analysis with the goal to drive the focus to the most important variables in system performance in order to enable an informed and sustainable transition.

Production Process and Collector Design

SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CATIA

We offer a comprehensive service for the optimization of production processes and solar collector design. We address all requirements to ensure an optimum solution when it comes to design, integration, performance, and costs.

Networking, Partnerships and Consortium Building

MG has a wide network of national, European, and global partners with different profiles and expertise in the renewable energy sector. We can connect you with all the relevant partners needed for your project and help you build a strong consortium to guarantee a successful and smooth project implementation.

Grant Applications

Our skilled team of engineers and researchers has extensive experience in grant applications, having coordinated, written, and participated in several proposals from various funding sources. We offer our services starting from identifying all possible funding opportunities to the actual proposal writing and application management as well as bringing together the most suitable collaborators, all to ensure a successful and highly impactful project is funded.

Scientific Research and Publications

We have a proven record of carrying out high-quality research and studies (covering techno-economic assessments, feasibility studies, market research, and LCA).
Our researchers also cover a diverse range of renewable energy-related fields with numerous publications in their names.